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The innovative ScoopFone HD Rack. 3 HD voice receiving units in one!

Technical Highlights

  • Professional wireless phone in rack mount
  • Up to 3 units in a 1U rack
  • Supports HD Voice and GSM service
  • OLED display
  • Pro Audio interfaces
  • Audio processing: high-Pass filters, selectable gains
  • Remote control through Ethernet
  • Easy to use
  • DTMF send (to IVR servers)
  • Two versions: Ethernet or Relays (GPIO)
ScoopFone HD-R/Ethernet rear view
ScoopFone HD-R/E
ScoopFone HD-R Relay (GPIO) rear view
ScoopFone HD-R/R
Rackmount integration kit (example with 2 units)
Rackmount integration kit

Operational benefits

ScoopFone HD-R units allow superior broadcasting quality using the 2G/3G telephone network, including the new HD Voice service which allows a 7kHz audio bandwidth (as opposed to the 3kHz telephone service).

Up to three ScoopFone HD-R units can be installed in a single 1U 19 inch rack for fixed installations.

Two versions are available: ScoopFone HD-R/E (Ethernet) and ScoopFone HD-R/R (Relay). The Relay (GPIO) version provides contacts to initiate a call, and also provides status information via the relays - perfect for motorbike use for example.

ScoopFone HD-R’s broadcast specification input and output interfaces with full RF shielding of all audio circuits ensure interference-free audio. The digital nature of the system provides a complete separation of the send and return circuits - each with its own dedicated audio connection.

The ScoopFone is also available in a portable version, ScoopFone HD.

Frequency bands supported

To know the bands used by the operators in a given country, you can for instance check on  this site.

You can find a list of the network operators that support the "HD voice" service in the section "Information Papers" besides.

Firmware Release

Download here the file for updating the firmware to the last version V1.05.

Copy this update file into the root of a USB stick; switch your ScoopFone on and wait for full startup; plug the USB stick into the rear panel of the ScoopFone, press the <OK> button to acknowledge the “Update Unit from USB?” message and initiate the firmware update. Updating the firmware will last for about 5 minutes, and the unit will be automatically restarted.

You can get on this page the firmware revision history and details.


  • AetaScan : discovery tool, scans your LAN to look for AETA codecs and displays MAC and IP addresses. Click here to download it (works on any OS).




AC Power Adapter/Charger with XLR4 connector
AC Power Adapter/Charger
Rackmount kit for ScoopFone R
Rackmount kit
Blind front panel plate, 1/3 rack width
Blind front panel plate
Antenna with SMA plug and 1.5 m cable, ''I shape''
Antenna with SMA plug and 1.5 m cable
Antenna with SMA plug and 3 m cable, ''T shape''
Antenna with SMA plug and 3 m cable
Antenna with right-angle SMA plug
Antenna with right-angle SMA plug
Adapter for µSIM card
Adapter for µSIM card


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About HD Voice

HD Voice delivers higher quality voice transmissions by extending the frequency of range of traditional or narrowband voice calls (300 Hz to 3400 Hz) out to wideband audio ranges (50 Hz to 7000 Hz). The 7 kHz wideband sound quality allows the full signature character of the reporter’s voice to be heard, leading to greater audience involvement and loyalty.

Look for more about HD Voice in our FAQ page.