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Ready for the future: Scoop4+

Technical Highlights

  • Wide range of coding algorithms, including AAC
  • Supports HD-Voice service (AMR-WB)
  • IP interface for SIP/AoIP+VoIP
  • Compliant with EBU Tech 3326
  • Webserver with enhanced functions
  • DC powering 12V (optional)
  • No fan
Scoop 4+ rear view

Operational benefits

With Scoop4+ live broadcasts even from faraway locations can be received and transmitted around the globe in the best quality possible. When receiving a call, the 5A System recognizes the mode of the remote codec and adjusts itself automatically, taking into account the algorithm, the mode (mono, stereo, joint stereo), the sample frequency and the bit rate. This happens fast, reliably and without down grading to a weaker algorithm. Scoop4+ works reliably in every environment be it studio, control room or OB van. You can even use it for station feeds via V.11/X.21 or IP.

The optional feature HD-Voice (AMR-Wideband) makes Scoop4+ and SCOOPY+, our portable multi-tasking audio codec, a perfect fit.


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