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Professional analogue / digital mixer to go

Technical Highlights

  • 3 Mic/Line inputs
  • 1 stereo line input
  • Highly readable graphic OLED display
  • Adjustable M/S sound field
  • Mono / Stereo / M/S modes
  • AES/SPDIF and USB interfaces
  • Microphone powering: phantom 12V/48V, T12
  • MIXY - right side view
  • MIXY - left side view
  • MIXY - rear view

Operational benefits

AETA offers high-quality ENG-mixers for TV and film productions as well as audio fans. Despite its small dimensions MIXY is a full-blown professional stereo and M/S analogue/digital mixer. With a level range of 92dB and clean processing of each audio source, the microphone pre-amps are ready to deal with everything from the singing of birds in a forest to the full sound of a Formula 1 race.

As it is battery powered it can either be carried around or placed anywhere on location. MIXY works with any analogue or digital recorder. For high quality real-time transmissions SCOOPY+, the portable multi-tasking codec for all networks, is a perfect fit.


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