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4MinX in Costa Rica

Rodolphe ALEXIS is a sound recordist, sound artist and designer. His work is based on field recording and electroacoustic composition.

"As part of a creative residency (“Institut Français" program "hors les murs") I spent two months in Costa Rica to make field recordings in the different tropical ecosystems (rain forest, cloud forest, tropical dry forest).

I chose a multichannel system in quadraphonic cross (IRT 250 configuration) coupled with the latest AETA's recorder "4MinX" with the OS 1.4. It was an opportunity to test this recorder in hostile environments which are under a range between 90 and 100% humidity. Associated with DPA 4011C microphones (provided by AUDIO2), it was the ideal couple to reproduce all details and fineness of those ecosystems. Records were done on the trail, at dawn, dusk and night and also during the day with a parabolic dish and hydrophone. The preamps of 4MinX were matching their reputation, with a great flexibility in trim and large headroom far beyond my needs. The configuration possibilities offered by the Operating system allowed me to create my presets to be able to switch quickly between the 4 static mics, the electret on the dish, or the hydrophone. 4minX menus are fast, intuitive and user friendly for a quick use (without need to read any start guide) but there are still some little features that are under process for better intuitive action.

During these two months, I had no problems, the machine has proved to be fully efficient even under moisture, heat or sunlight. I pushed the machine recording until exhaustion of the battery (automatic switch off during the recording) and I was still able to retrieve my files!

4MinX it is real powerful tool."

Follow this link for more on Rodolphe's work.