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4MinX last firmware release

Download version V1.7.7

Copy the downloaded file on an SD card, insert the SD card into the 4MinX and select "Tools", "Update firmware".

WARNING: Once this update is done, it is not possible to revert to firmware older than version 1.7 !

Firmware revision history (click a version for details)

Version 1.7.7

Version 1.7.7

Released 2015/03/17

New features:

  • New canvas interface
  • Ability to remove monitoring bargraphs
  • Added warning for remaining space on SD Card.
  • New item in Audio Input menu to enable slate



  • Improved bargraph refreshing
  • Added in the virtual keyboard: '+' symbol and backspace
  • Menu structure: "Warning" menu moved to "Settings" menu; "Tone" menu moved to "Tools" menu; new menu for enabling the tone
  • Menu navigation improved
  • Potentiometer locking is included in snapshots and restored at power on
  • Simpler brightness setting (less positions) 
  • Panpot feature for potentiometers P1 to P4 hidden from the menu when inputs are linked
  • Modification of pre-roll duration is applied immediately
  • At the project creation, the user should select the scene index mode: simple mode or canvas mode
  • Fixed: input source name offset in snapshots
  • Fixed: empty audio files after sample rate modification
  • Fixed: limiters were not recalled correctly after restarting the unit (only their indicators were restored).
Version 1.7.5

Version 1.7.5

Released 2014/04/28

New features:

  • Audio features: ability to compensate for up to 7 ms of latency on each audio input. The delay is adjustable in 0.1 ms steps. The delay compensation is included in the snapshots.
  • Recorder / Audio files: new CUE bus for a customized stereo mix of all audio inputs. The CUE bus can be selected for monitoring, and can be routed to any audio output. The CUE bus settings are included in the snapshot files.
  • Recorder / Audio files: ability ot save the last take as a wild sound, the iXML chunk of the associated audio files is modified accordingly.
  • Player: possibility to create a custom mono mix of the eight tracks of the player.


  • User interface: adjustable font size for the menus; a "Font size" entry in the "Display settings" menu allows to select a "Normal" or "Large" font size.
Version 1.7.4-mb1

Version 1.7.4-mb1

Released 2014/04/01


  • Snapshot files created with an earlier version are not compatible with the later versions; loading those snapshot files may lead to malfunctions, and in some cases may result in recording empty audio files.
  • The latest audio monitoring mode is not properly restored when exiting from the power saving mode or changing the sample rate.
  • The ability to lock panpot and balance potentiometer does not work.
Version 1.7.4

Version 1.7.4

Released 2014/01/21

New features:

  • Pop up window showing the current value when a potentiometer is moved.
  • During recording, display of the time remaining on the SD card.
  • Ability to lock the pan and balance pots via the "Audio: Inputs configuration" screen.
  • Addition of digital filters on AES and line inputs.
  • Addition of double M/S file decoding in the player.


  • The function key assigned to the +/- keys is highlighted in green.
  • Static settings for recording are grouped under a "Recording/Settings" sub-menu.
  • Formatting the SD card is now confirmed by F1 (current partition) or F4 (complete formatting).
  • Addition of monitoring preset in the snapshots.
  • Ability to start recording from the player.
  • Possibility to disable the confirmation for starting a recording.
  • The take number can be forced under the canvas.
  • Fixed: in double M/S, only the front M/S is now decoded in the stereo mixdown.
  • Fixed: loss of the user presets in the player.
Version 1.7.3

Version 1.7.3

Released 2013/09/30

New features:

  • New recording screen layout with thicker bargraphs; this new screen layout shows the levels of the "User" settings; ability to switch between the "Tracks" levels, "User" levels and the standard screen layout, back and forth while recording.
  • New "Note", "Type" and "Canvas" shortcuts in the "Recording" menu; new "Brightness" shortcut in the "Settings" menu.
  • Ability to set a fixed master gain, between -/+12dB with 1dB steps.


  • Support for the "Canvas" information and the "Wild" recording type in the sound report files.
  • Support for the names of the input sources in the snapshot files.
  • Tone generator level range now from -20 dBFS up to 0 dBFS, instead of up to -6 dBFS.
  • Ability to set or reset the "Circled" metadata afterward; the iXML chunk of the associated audio files is modified accordingly.
  • Support for the "sTRK" field in the "bext" chunk of the audio files, to store the track names.
  • Whenever the "Canvas" is enabled, use the "Canvas" information to fill out the "SCENE" and "TAKE" fields of the iXML chunk of the audio files, to fill out the "sSCENE" and "sTAKE" fields in the "bext" chunk of the audio files.
  • In the player, "Show menu" reloads the information of the current selected take instead of the last recorded take.
  • The remaining time left on the SD Card is updated while recording.
  • The format of the workday directories on the SD Card is "yyyy-mm-dd" instead of "dd-mm-yyyy".
  • Waking up back from power saving mode now takes less than 3 seconds.
  • Whenever the backup of the audio files to an external USB disk is active, it will keep on running if entering the power saving mode.
  • Automatic safe power down when battery level reaches bottom limit (6.9V).
  • Fixed: audio glitches recorded in some situations.
  • Fixed: erroneous start TC information in the audio files when the frame format is set to 23.976 fps, 29.97 fps or 30 df.
  • Fixed: issue for units with less than 8-track recording; in the main window, the red/green indicator of the recorded tracks did not behave correctly.
  • Fixed: setting the brightness sometimes behaved erratically.
Version 1.7.2

Version 1.7.2

Released 2013/06/03

New features:

  • New screen layout with thicker bargraphs, automatically shown when starting to record. It is possible to switch back and forth to the normal screen layout while recording.
  • It is now possible to change audio settings directly from the global audio configuration window, that shows settings for the MIC, LINES and AES inputs.
  • New window showing the routing configuration of the mixdown and auxiliary buses at a glance. The audio routing can be modified directly from this window.
  • The current monitoring configuration of the player remains unchanged when navigating through takes, re-entering the player again.


  • Improved formatting of SD card / USB stick.
  • Improved handling of the pause, forward and backward transport buttons.
  • Fixed: now the full duration of the audio files is played back, including the last few seconds.
  • Fixed: in some cases, the recorder did not flush all remaining audio samples at the end of the files
Version 1.7.1

Version 1.7.1

Released 2013/03/11

New features:

  • M/S profile management : new profile in the "file management" window, support for "M/S" in the audio files iXML
  • Snapshot management: ability to delete a snapshot, export one or all snapshots to the SD card, and import snapshots from the SD card

Improvements :

  • Fixed : "Type" and "Canvas" shortcuts were not usable on version 1.7
Version 1.7

Version 1.7

Released 2013/02/04

New features:

  • MIDI controller extension, with support for two MIDI devices:
    Korg nanoKONTROL2 and Behringer BCF2000.
  • Eight new shortcuts for loading snapshots can be assigned to the function keys.
  • The "Circled" and "Note" metadata of a take recording can now be updated. Afterwards, the iXML chunk of the associated audio files will be modified accordingly.
  • Added support for the "B-Format" in audio coupling / settings, in monitoring;
    this requires the "SoundField" software option.
  • Three new profiles are available in "file management" window along with "Mono", "Stereo", "Polyphonic": "Double M/S", "A-Format" and "B-Format".
    (Note: "A-Format" and "B-Format" can be selected only if the "SoundField" software option is installed).
  • Quick access to "File management", "Load snapshot" and "Bargraph sources".
  • The "Eject media" menu now offers to safely eject a mounted USB storage.
  • "Pause function" setting in the "Recording" menu for selecting whether a recording can be paused/resumed or not.
  • System shutdown or power saving mode by depressing the ESC button for about 2 seconds.

Improvements :

  • Reduced the time required to finalize a recording.
  • Fixed: Project name and scene name can no more contain any of the following characters: \ / : * ? " < > |
  • Fixed: Erroneous timecode information in BWF files when the timecode mode is "Off"/"Undefined" or the frame format is "Undefined"
Version 1.6.3

Version 1.6.3

Released 2012/10/16

Minor issues fixed:

  • Some formatting errors within iXML chunks in the BWF files
  • Improper management of ganged inputs 3&4 if inputs 1&2 are not ganged.
Version 1.6.2

Version 1.6.2

Released 2012/08/30


  • Time code management
  • Added the possibility to disable the recording "beep"
  • Extend setting range for the compressor threshold (down to -40 dBFS), and add "off" mode for the compression
Version 1.6

Version 1.6

New features :

  • New global display for all inputs
  • New file management interface (insert, delete file is possible now)
  • New bargraph configuration to follow file/track configuration on the bargraph display or a forced user configuration
  • Added shortcuts for function keys : "Scene" to enter the current scene name, "Note" to enter the current take's note, "Type" to set the recording type, and "Canvas" to set the canvas
  • Limitor/compressor on the mixdown (Compression, thresholds, time constants adjustable)

Improvements :

  • Fixed: double M/S link
  • Fixed: phase on MIC interface and on the headphone
  • Fixed: AUX routing not properly updated
Version 1.5rc1

Version 1.5rc1

Fixed issues :

  • The "AES4 pre" source could not be selected as a record source in the "File management" window
  • Improper handling of the "phase" setting of the audio inputs 1 to 4 in the database
  • Unexpected restart of the automatic backup of audio files while a take was being recorded
  • Application crash when a take recording ends and the "Automatic note" option is enabled
Version 1.5

Version 1.5

New features :

  • New routing menu for the slate
  • Added solo function on assignable key for Mic 1 to 4 pre and post fader
  • Added a beep on recording start and stop
  • Pre-fader access on line and AES inputs
  • Added fields to name inputs
  • Added 8 audio/files configuration memories
  • Background backup on external USB disk

Improvements :

  • Player module, metadata showed, direct tracks navigation and playback improvement
  • Visibility of warnings, clipping
  • More precise and accurate bargraphs with label display
  • iXML data improved
  • Channel coupling management
Version 1.4

Version 1.4

New features from previous version:

  • Time code
  • Canvas for sequence/scene/take management
  • New interface for text editing [ <<, Stop=space, >> keys supported ]
  • Extended characters support for notes
  • German keyboard support
  • False takes backup
  • Added recording type in metadata [ Wild…]
  • Master gain menu
  • Cyclic information display
  • SoundField 96 kHz sample rate